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Donald and Sandra Hirschhorn <sdh2381@...>

Perhaps amongst this group there is a grant writer who would be willing to
attempt to obtain a grant for this project.

I know obtaining individual donations would be a very slow process but if
monies were collected perhaps an archivist could be hired on a "as money
becomes available" basis and work his/her way through the books

Sandy Hirschhorn
Boca Raton, FL

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Subject: Books of Residents

Indexing all the Lodz Books of Residents in Lodz would be a fantastic
project, but it is an enormous enormous task.

I have just talked to Stanley Diamond about it. He estimates that there
180 volumes, 1440 households, and perhaps 200,000 entries. It could only
done by professional archivists in Poland and would cost between $30,000

Fay Bussgang
Lexington, MA

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