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Martha Lev-Zion <martha@...>

Andy Lasda wrote:

I am most interested to learn if their is a directory of estates or a book
on life on these estates during that time. Any clues will be appreciated.
There is a two volume set called VERZEICHNIS LETTL=C4NDISCHER ORTSNAMEN
compiled by H. Meyer and G. v. Pantzer. It was published in 1938 by Hans
=46eldmann in Riga. One volume is written in Gothic German, giving an
enormous number of Estates, private farms, and so forth and indicating in
what community they are [were] located. The second volume is the Latvian
one and >from the hints given in the German volume, one can usually find the
modern day names for the same places. It is very time consuming and
necessary to cross reference to be sure that one is talking about the same

Another source I have used is the 1912 Courland Addressbuch. It too is
printed in Gothic script. At the back there is an alphabetic list of
"flecken" or little settlements, private estates, pastoral farms and
forests and the nearest larger corresponding community.

If anyone knows of a book about life on the estates in the 19th century,
aside >from individual articles, I would also be interested to know about it!

I hope this helps you, Andy. Martha

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