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Subject: Article about program and events at the Lodz Commemoration in 2004

Roni's description of the 60th anniversary commemoration of the liquidation
of the Lodz Ghetto was beautifully done. I commend her for her thorough and
sensitively written article. I was privileged to be there with my husband,
Julian, for the ceremonies and even got to plant a tree, which I found very

I would like to add my description of one more event that took place the day
after the main events described by Roni. I quote >from Gazeta, a newsletter of
the American Association for Polish-Jewish Studies, for which my husband and I
are editors:

"Late in the evening on Monday, an unusual concert took place in the Old
Market Square (Stary Rynek), once the center of the Jewish quarter of Lodz.
It was entitled Niewidzialni (those who can't be seen). A director conducted an
invisible orchestra. Only instruments could be seen resting on the chairs; the
music emanating >from the stage came >from a recording. The sole performer was the
magnificent American cantor >from New York's Fifth Avenue Synagogue, Joseph
Malovany, who sang traditional Jewish music 'Kaddish' (prayer for the dead),
'El Mole Rachamim' (Oh Merciful God), and 'Shma Yisrael' (Hear, Oh
Israel). The performance, well attended by townspeople as well as visitors, was
hauntingly beautiful.
The city of Lodz rolled out an amazing welcome for the survivors, making
a multitude of arrangements, providing transportation to and >from and seating
at the various events, as well as sponsoring several receptions. What was
particularly rewarding to see was that many young people, university students,
boy scouts, girl scouts, paramedics, participated as volunteers,
assisting the visitors by passing out programs, maps, and information, directing
traffic, or providing free bottles of water."

Fay Bussgang
Lexington, MA

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