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To whom it may concern,
I do not know if this is appropriate, or of interest. I have only recently
discovered that my grandparents were both Polish and Czech Jews. Please find
their details listed below as received >from the National Archives in Prague.
I would love to know if anyone has any further information on my family.

Otto 28.4.1892 and Ester WERNER(nee ADLER) 16.12.1904, were sent to Terezin
13.7.1943, >from there to auschwitz 6.9.1943. Their last address before
deportation was: Praha 1 Benediktska 2.

My maternal Great Grandparents were born in Lodz, Poland.
Nach Natalia ADLER (nee MICHALOWICZ) 4.1 or 23.12.1876 and Gerson ADLER,
17.4 or 11.5.1877, came to Terezin 22.2.1942 and were sent to Treblinka
19.2.1942. They lived not in Prague, but in Slany near Kladno.

Their children were: Ester WERNER (nee ADLER) 16.12.1904. Anna ADLER,
13.12.1911 were sent to Terezin 24.4.1942, >from there to Treblinks
Mosek Sljama (Moritz?) 22.3.1903, came to Terezin 4.12.1941 and to Treblinka
19.10. 1942. It might be that he volunteered to go with the family, because
people who came 4.12.1941 were not sent at this time to Poland. Natalia,
Anna and Mosek Sljama lived, before deportation, in Praha XIV, Nazahonech

There was also a sibling, Ida HOFFMAN (nee ADLER) 2.1 or 4.1.1909 who
married a Jindrich HOFFMAN 25.9.1905 (Valasske Mezirici) in approx. 1930.
She survived the Holocaust because they moved to Israel and were the people
to whom my Mother, Hanna WERNER, was sent.

Regards, Sherry Hatfield.

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