Lodzer landsmanshaftn plots in New York and New Jersey #poland #lodz

Steven Lasky <steve725@...>

Hello fellow Genners,
I am writing to tell you of more that might be of interest to many of the
Lodz researchers. I have just put online on my website a page that displays
photographs of thirteen of the existing fourteen Lodz society burial plot
gates that are located at various cemeteries in the New York-New Jersey
metro area. I have also listed every name (given name and surname) that is
inscribed on the gates/posts that serve as the entrances to these plots. You
will find the names of officers and members listed for each society at most
locations, as well as the date each society was established, and the date
when the gate was erected. Perhaps examining these name lists will yield the
name of someone whom you have a genealogical interest in. This web page can
be accessed through the Site Map-Cemetery Project-Society Gates links at
www.museumoffamilyhistory.com .
Also, you will find in the Map Room a map of 1936-7 area surrounding Lodz
and also a unique surnames list for the combined Lodz society plots, which
has been recently updated.

Steven Lasky

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