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Richard J. Astor <richardastor@...>

hi Ruth!

i had the experience in 2004 of showing up at the new cemetery expecting my
family (abersztajn) cemetery addresses to be there. they weren't (and
probably still aren't).

the polish cemetery caretakers spoke no english and told my polish
taxidriver (thankfully i hadn't let him go or i wdln't have known from
*nothing*!) where to go to get the records.

we got back in the taxi and drove (3 min drive) to the jewish community
centre.* thankfully symcha keller (the overworked head of the lodz jewish
community; chabad) happened to be there and he does have the records, an
archive of contemporary index cards with cemetery addresses. he stopped
everything and went to look. he was V helpful.

my family happened to be in his archive, he photocopied the cards, and off
we drove back to the cemetery.

brandishing the photocopies to the cemetery's (not unpleasant) polish
caretakers won't work. they aren't in the business of finding graves. that
task was for christoff, a hulking young pole (who seems to be a cemetery
employee) who does find addresses and speaks almost no english (does sp
german?). he was off helping some other folk. when he was free he grabbed
the photocopies and strode off with me following. he reads hebrew and knows
the cemetery v well. he found my stones (around 6 or 7 of them in various
parts) by locating the general area (grid system) and rummaging around in
the overgrowth looking for the hebrew. wld have been vvvv difficult or
impossible without him. he v. diffidently accepted a tip. it was a tricky
relationship to manage: try not to overload him with too many addresses:
he'll find them all but march you >from one end of the cemetery to the other
so you'll have to find the first ones all over again unless you make a very
good clear note to yourself where they were. i fed him a couple of addresses
on one session and a few more later.

* 18 pomorska street
ph 48-42 632 0427
fax 633 5156
cell 0 601 815 644

From: "Shaw, Ruth" <RShaw@...>
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Date: Fri, 4 Nov 2005 12:03:45 -0500
To: "Lodz Area Research Group" <lodz@...>
Subject: [lodz] photographs of Lodz Headstones

We are asking if anyone is going to Lodz soon; if so, please contact us.
We are *very* desirious of having someone photograph a few headstones,
specifically our immediate relatives. The 'addresses' will need to be
researched upon your arrival at the cemetery. Please contact:
mailto:rshaw@... or nicki@....
Thank you.

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