Seven-Year Initiative #lodz #poland

Saul Marks <saulmarks@...>

Dear Roni & Joe,

Thank you both for your interesting & informative explanation of the current
situation in the indexing of Lodz records. I have a great deal of ancestry
from Lodz, & I've been dying to see post-1901 indexes go online for several
years now. I had no idea of the Seven Year Initiative, so your posting has
made things much easier for me (& everyone else, I'm sure) to understand.

I'm sure we all appreciate the hard work you & your team have put in &
continue to put in to this task, and we all look forward to the day when
more indexes will finally go online. I'm desperate to find my
great-grandparents' marriage (GOLDBERG & TEMPELCHOF), c.1903. Do you have an
approximate date or time frame when you expect to upload the indexes
relating to the Seven Year Initiative?

Best wishes & many thanks,

Saul Marks
Liverpool, England

Direct ancestral families being researched >from Lodz & surrounding area:

GOLDBERG (in Kamiensk until 1820s, then Grocholice, then Lodz >from 1870s, I
CYMBERKNOPF (in Rozprza as early as 1770s, until WWII. Married into Goldberg
KOMOROWSKI (in Lodz as early as 1830s, until WWII. Married into GOLDBERG
RUDECKI (in Lodz as early as 1800s. Married into KOMOROWSKI late 1830s)
TEMPELCHOF (in Konstantynow Lodzki until early 1880s, then Lodz. Married in
GOLDBERG c.1903)
WOZOWSKI (in Konstantynow Lodzki as early as 1820s. Married into TEMPELCHOF
early 1820s)
WOLKOWICZ (in Konstantynow Lodzki as early as 1840s. Married into TEMPELCHOF
KRZYWE (in Aleksandrow Lodzki as early as 1870s. Married into TEMPELCHOF
SZMIDBERG (in Aleksandrow Lodzki as early as 1870s. Married into Krzywe date

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