Lodz Synagogue #lodz #poland

Nicki Chodnoff - On The Go Publishing <nicki@...>

Hello All

I'm trying to find the correct spelling and exact location for a pre-war
shul that my grandfather belonged to in Lodz, Poland.

When I heard the name, it sounded like Yar Ochinski and was located on
Pomorska Street. If anyone knows the shul's correct name, spelling and
address, please email me privately. Or if you have research advice or
general information the rest of the group can use, please post for all.

Additional information such the shul's history, if photos survived or are
available online, if any archives survived and other details are greatly

Nicki Chodnoff
Columbus, Ohio
researching ROZENTAL >from Dabie, Lodz and Bialystock; ORCHAN >from Lodz,
Dabie and Poddebice; and PARZENCZEWSKA(SKI) >from Lodz and Ozorkow.

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