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I'm searching informations about my family in Lodz Region, I
send you the search of my ZOLTY's family :

To thank you for your interest in my genealogy, I am sending you my notes
about my family links to Herschel Feibel GRYNSZPAN


My grandfather, David Kalma ZOLTY, knew Herschel Feibel GRYNSZPAN as they
came >from the same Shtetl : Nowo-Radomsk, voivodie of Piotrkow Trybunalski
in Pologne. Herschel was the nephew of one of his cousins,: Szalma ZOLTY who
worked in the same shtetl.

Aharon ZOLTY, the cousin of my mother was born on Thursday 8 July 1926.
Her father, Szlomo died in the Ghetto de Lodz, on 20 August 1942. He
expected a very difficult situation. The parents of Aharon: Szlomo ZOLTY
and Dina KORN felt the beginning of Polish anti-Semitism:

After the revolution of 1905, the Jewish population increased as a result of
the influx of Lithuanian Jews in the industrial centers of the province,
Warsaw and Lodz. Polish patriots were worried to see that the Jews had, in
their hands, the principal branches of business and industry. They accused
the Lithuanian Jews on the one hand, of trying to Russianize Poland, because
they spoke Russian in the streets of Warsaw and Lodz, and on the other, to
try to create a second Jewish land, because they lived in a compact and
united community. Others accused the Jews of Germanizing Poland, because
the spoke a Jewish Germanic language - Yiddish. The industrial and business
class in Poland eliminated the Jews >from vital economic life by boycotting.

This polish anti-Semitism was conjugated with Nazism which provoked the
revolt of Herszel Feilbel GRYNSZPAN which led him to this attack.

Aharon ZOLTY, rescued >from Auschwitz tells us that Herschel in
prison might have been protected by Jewish organizations who would have
given a fee to the German authorities during the entire war. Or perhaps, a
more plausible explanation, he was kept alive as proof of the nuisance that
was the Jewish people in the expectation of a great trial.

Our cousin, Aharon ZOLTY remembers that before he was deported, he was
identified by a journalist as being part of the "assassin's family."

The thing that led to Herschel's rancor was that his parents had been thrown
out of Germany (Hamburg) to the No Man's Land between Poland and Germany7,
and that Poland didn't want them any more. There were more than 15000 in
this situation. A bit later, Zendel GRYNSZPAN, father of Herschel, seems to
have fought in the Russian army6. His parents are both dead now, Zendel
was 96 at his death. Remaining is the wife of the brother of Herschel with
whom Aharon is still in contact.

Aharon ZOLTY was always invited to family festivities, such as the silver
anniversary of Herschel's parents.

Herschel Feibel GRYNSZPAN did not survive the war.

After his liberation >from the death camps, Aharon Zolty found the family

My grandfather, David Kalma ZOLTY, persuaded that he had lost his entire
polish family, because he couldn't find out about them through various
organizations like the International Red Cross, did not speak about this
cousin Herschel to his children.

It was only through my research on the Jewishgen site, last year, that I
found two cousins of my mother: Joseph ZOLTY, deported to Treblinka and
Aharon ZOLTY, deported to Auschwitz, both living in Israel and whose stories
allowed us to undertake this research

Joseph ZOLTY's wife never understood the attitude of the German
people. She was herself a native of Czernowitz (Bukovine, today, Ukraine)
and had received a German culture. She was, later, rescued in the death
camps. Once liberated, Eti PRESHEL married Joseph ZOLTY in Chypre and left
for Israel permanently in 1948.

Other bits of information came to me through my request on the Jewishgen
site, where I learned that Mr Ilan KRAUSE, living en Israel, is also a
descendent of the ZOLTY-GRYNSZPAN family.

The grandparents of Ilan KRAUSE (David Krojle and Rajzla GOLDBERG) were
first cousins of Itta ZYLBERBERG and Szalma ZOLTY, uncles of Herschel Feibel
GRYNSZPAN, and first cousins of my grandfather David Kalma ZOLTY. Ilan
KRAUSE, born in 1959, he married Irit SCHETCHTMAN (born 3 November 1960 in
Moscow) in Israel. Itta ZYLBERBERG's grandfather : Herszik Faywel ZYLBERBERG
was also the grandfather of the grandfather of Ilan KRAUSE.

Franck d'Almeida-Zolty


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