The fate of Eva Dag #poland #lodz


Dear fellow researchers,
For years have I been searching information about the final fate of my
grandmother, who was incarcerated in ghetto Lodz (please see details below).
I believe I contacted most potential sources and checked all available
lists, to no avail. Still, I would be very grateful for any additional lead
or information. Recently I have been informed by the Prague Jewish community
of an organization called "Union of Lodz Prisoners",who may have some
information. Does anybody know how this organization could be connected?

*Eva DAG/ova* was deported >from Prague to ghetto Lodz (Litzmannstadt) on 3
November 1941 with transport E. Her address in Lodz was Rembrandtstrasse 10,
probably a "Wohngemeinschaft" with other Prague deportees of her transport.
My grandmother was born 24 September 1873 in Krakow, as *Eva SCHLANG*. She
spent most of her life in Ostrava, Czechoslovakia, where she married and was
known as *Eva HORNUNG/ova*.

The ghetto address is the last information we have about her. She did not
survive. The questions we have been searching answers for, are: Did *Eva
Dag* die in Lodz a "natural" death? Was she killed in Lodz? Was she sent to
die in Auschwitz or Chelmno? When did she die?
Thanks and best regards,
Uriel Meretz, Israel

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