On the family name BLANKETT/BLANKIET/BLANKET #poland #lodz

JNB <jnblank@...>

This is my first posting to the Lodz area mailing group.

I am researching the origins of my paternal grandfather Abraham
BLANKETT's family. I have very little information on his family but I
know my gf was born in the town of Medved, near Novgorod, in NW Russia -
i.e. outside of the Pale. I don't know for how long the family had lived
in this area.

Recently I've found some indication that the family may possibly at some
point have moved to this area - or been sent there - >from somewhere in
Poland. One of these indirect indications (far >from proof, of course)
is the fact that several databases (JRI-Polansd, Yad Vashem etc.) show a
big concentration of the family name BLANKET/BLANKIET/BLANKETT etc.(
various spellings) in the area of Lodz, whereas I have so far not been
able to find many occurences of this family name in other parts of
Eastern Europe.

I would be interested to know if someone in this Discussion Group knows
anything about the origin, possible meaning (in Polish/?), occurence
etc. of this family name.
I word the question vaguely on purpose since I doubt I can at this point
of my research hope to find any definitive links with actual BLANKET
families in the Lodz area.

Any help and suggestions much appreciated.
You can answer either privately or - if you think the answer is of a
more general interest - on the list.

Joel Blankett
Jerusalem, Israel
(formerly Helsinki, Finland)


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