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I was researching my family: Opa (Paul) STERLING. My mother (his
daughter) was born in Lodz, Poland and during the war (WW2) - since
they were German, fled to what then became American-occupied Germany.
According to my mother, they had to "prove" to the Nazis they were
German (she was an infant at the time and does not know what
this 'proof' consisted of). When they arrived in the United States,
she said that the Jewish people they met believed they were Jewish,
however, she insisted she was German. Her passport is stamped with the
Nazi swastika.

Family lore says that Paul STERLING was born a German-Czech (I
understand about changing of borders - etc). My Opa then moved(?) to
Lodz, Poland.

I guess I wonder - STERLING is a very unusual sounding "German"
surname. I wonder about the origin of the name (we are not Scottish!)-
could we possibly be of Jewish heritage (but converted to Christianity
for safety?, economics?)....

Any information - direction you could point me in would be greatly

Sharon MacKinnon

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