Yizkor Book Project Report-October and November 2006 #poland #lodz

Joyce Field

This is a combined report for October and November 2006. In October
(a short month as Lance Ackerfeld was away for two weeks) we added
one book, one new entry, and five updates. For November, we added
eight new books, seven new entries, and 14 updates.

New books:

-Kobryn, Belarus
-Lambrivka, Ukraine
-Pinkas Hakehillot, Netherlands (table of contents is now online)
-Pinkas HaKehillot, Libya and Tunisia (table of contents is now online)
-Pinkas HaKehillot, Germany , volumes I, II,and III (all tables of
contents are now online)
-Sala's Gift by Ann Kirschner:
http://www.jewishgen.org/Yizkor/salas_gift/salas_gift.html. This book
is about the secret collection of letters her mother received in
Nazi labor camps, then kept hidden for nearly 50 years. The book was
published in early November and the author and publisher have
generously allowed JewishGen to put excerpts online. Photographs will
be added soon.
-The Holocaust in 21 Lithuanian Towns-

New entries:

-Bielsk Podlaski, Poland: Pinkas HaKehillot Polin, vol. VIII
-Dukla, Poland: Pinkas HaKehillot Polin, vol. III
-Kosice, Slovakia: Pinkas HaKehillot Slovakia
-Osieciny, Poland: Pinkas HaKehillot, Polin, vol. IV
-Przeclaw, Poland: Pinkas HaKehillot. vol. III
-Ryglice, Poland: Pinkas HaKehillot, vol. III
-Vac, Hungary: Pinkas HaKehillot Hungary
-Zborow, Poland: Pinkas HaKehillot Polin, vol. II


-Borszczow, Ukraine
-Brest, Lithuania
-Bukowina: History of the Jews in Bukowina, volume II, p. 176: "The
Youth Group, Betar"
-Dabrowa Gornicza,Poland
-Dusetos, Lithuania (updated in October and November)
-Holocaust in Belarus (Updated in October and November)
-Jonava, Lithuania
-Kamen Kashirskiy, Ukraine
-Kobryn, Belar
-Lanovtsy, Ukraine
-Oradea, Romania
-Pinkas HaKehillot Polin, vol. V, Foreward, p. IX
-Piotrkow Trybunalski, Poland
-Rozhnyatov, Ukraine
-Ryki, Poland (Polish)
-Slutsk, Belarus
-Zyradow, Poland

All additions have been flagged at the alphabetical index at
http://www.jewishgen.org/Yizkor/translations.html. You can check
whether a yizkor book for your town has been published at the Yizkor
Book Database at http://www.jewishgen.org/Yizkor/database.html. You
can check whether there is an article on your town in a Pinkas
HaKehillot volume by consulting the table of contents for the
appropriate volume at the Index page at
http://www.jewishgen.org/Yizkor/translations.html under Regions. The
tables of contents for all 19 volumes of the Pinkasim have now been
translated and are online. Please consider translating an article
about your ancestral town (all are in Hebrew) or financially
supporting a translation. Contact me privately to discuss the
options. In December we will have online a good number of
translations >from the Pinkas HaKehillot Germany, due to the response
to the recent addition of the tables of contents >from these volumes.

Many thanks to the donors of translations and the donors of money to
the Yizkor Book Projects.

Joyce Field
JewishGen VP, Data Acquisition

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