TRANSLATIONS required from POLISH to ENGLISH #lodz #poland

Eva Blanket

Hi Genners,

I've acquired some certificates >from JRI-Poland that require translation
from the original Polish to English. I would be most appreciative if you
could be kind enough to help me in translating these documents fully.

You can view them directly by going to the following sites:

Berek + Hane Rojze BLANKIET - Birth Certificates:

Haskel BLANKIET - Birth Certificate:

Nesel BLANKIET - Birth Certificate:

Szlama Zelman BLANKIET - Birth Certificate:

Jciek Jakob BLANKIET - Birth Certificate:

Please respond privately to:


I thank you in advance and wish everyone a 'HAPPY NEW YEAR'

Best wishes,

Researching: BLANKET/BLANKIET in -Lodz, Ujazd, Lask (POLAND)

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