Re: "Riga Kurlander Verein" and the unbalanced work load #courland #latvia



I am a High Church Episcopalian with a husband of 29 years and two daughters;
his heritage is >from Courland.

For some odd reason, I can type in any Slavic/Grecian/Russian/Germanic/Latin

I wouldn't bet too much on my ability to translate all of same, except for
Latin, German, and some Slovak languages. I can do Germanic church
(Evangalisch u. Katholisch) u. mit Dichte u. diplomatic correspondence ca.
1800 century. I can read and transliterate Old German writing, even if I find
the essence most annoying.

Kurland is the world of my children's great/great grandfather.

As Scotland and England, Ireland and Wales produced me, Kurland, produced my
husband of 29 years, and thus our children.

I will do whatever I can to translate; reproduce; fund, etc. the
preservation of documents.

My husband's family will lead, but an amazing number of Scots-Irish types
will follow on the effort in the preservation of documents which must be

Margaret Adamson Hester Kannensohn
Lexington, Kentucky

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