Re: "Riga Kurlander Verein" and the unbalanced work load #courland #latvia

Martha Lev-Zion <martha@...>

Gee, Martha, you surely do sound angry. You're probably right, but I don't
think that all that anger will get us anywhere, except make everyone angry
with you.

Now, where were we?

Maybe you are right Allan. I wasn't as angry as I am frustrated. There are
so few of us doing so much for the rest that I worried about burnout. One
cannot expect these few people to extend themselves all the time for the
vast majority. As it happens, since my posting we have had a fair number of
people volunteering and I am feeling much better about things.

My major worry is that I believe in trying to reconstruct the families of
Courland who are no more. No country suffered as great a percentage of
murder and disappearance of their Jews as we did in Latvia. Some families
have no witnesses to their very existence; they were all wiped off the face
of the earth. Every soul should have a name; every Jew should be
remembered. And I fear that the ceaseless work the few of us are doing
will wear us down and burn us out. I am also very family oriented and I
love watching the successful reuniting of families who had long since lost
touch. I don't want any of that to be lost. Courlanders share a special
history and a culture that is common to us all; we are, in effect, one big
extended family. So I thought that we could all pull together as a family
and share the load.

I think that we are getting closer to that goal! So "where were we?" -
pulling together toward our common goal!


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