Re: Volunteers #belarus

Martha Lev-Zion <martha@...>

Terry, I hope you don't mind if I respond [instead of? in addition to?]
Constance. I believe that Bay City MI had a huge Courland population. It
would be wonderful if you could take pictures of the tombstones there.
Anything that is in Hebrew, not to worry, I or others can translate. I am
so impressed that so many of you have come forward with offers to help. I
guess you didn't realize that so few of us were doing all that work. Your
offers are deeply appreciated!

I will be in touch with you privately, Terry, about the cemetery project.
Thank you again!!



I guess MArtha's note got me thinking, too. I do not know how to help, but I
would like to. My Jewish ancestors in this country are largely buried in
Bay City michigan's Hebrew Cemetery. Is there some way I could volunteer to
be responsible for getting pictures of those tombstones??? Would that be what
is needed and would it help? Unfortunately I am not able to translate...



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