Yiddish Translation Needed - WEISBROD of Lodz #lodz #poland

Gene Dershewitz <geneder@...>

I have posted a scan of the back side of photo postcard I inherited >from my
grandmother, Mary WEISBROD FINKELSTEIN. I'm not sure who the people are in
the photo and hope the inscription will give me some clue. The inscription
is in Yiddish and any translation help would be welcomed.

You can view the photo postcard inscription at:


The front side photo can be seen at:



Gene Dershewitz
Marion, Oregon


DERESIEWICZ - Kamienica/Stary Sacz/Labowa, Galicia; FREI/FREY - Labowa,
Galicia; SINGER - Lukowica, Galicia; LEIBLER - Lukowica, Galicia; WEISBROD,
HIRSCHKOFF - Lodz; FINKELSTEIN - Ostrowiec Swietokrzyski;

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