Concert flyer from Lodz Ghetto - any ideas? #poland #lodz

Andrew Jakubowicz <Andrew.Jakubowicz@...>

Dear colleagues

In 1978 when I visited Yad Vashem there was an exhibition of the
Lodz Ghetto - including a cyclorama. Alexander Avraham notes in his
work on the Lodz ghetto records that there was an exhibition that
lasted for two years at Yad Vashem. When I was there in 2005 the
exhibition had long gone.

In the exhibition which I visited with my late father and mother
was a small chamber quartet, four chairs and music stands and music:
including a flyer for a concert. One of the violinist's names was
that of my grandmother Malka Jakubowicz who was murdered at Chelmno
in September 1942. I wonder if anyone on the Lodz list knows how
I could track down this flyer and get a copy and other relevant
objects that may have been saved?

Andrew Jakubowicz (Dr)
Coogee NSW 2034

Jewishgen ID 40707

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