help with translations #lodz #poland

Diane Sophrin

I've posted four documents on ViewMate and would appreciate any further help
in translation.

The first two are the ketubahs:
my in-laws Yitzhak (Irving) Friedland and Rifka (Betty) Glazer: (Hebrew)

my grandmother and grandfather Malka Grunbaum and Chaim (?) (Henry)
Szczecinski/Van Felix: (Hebrew)

This is a note to my mother-in-law Rifka (Betty) Glazer >from her mother Ida
Glazer - written in her Junior High School autograph book! (Yiddish)

And this is a postcard to my father-in-law Yitzhak (Irving ) Friedland >from
his mother Lea Friedland: (Yiddish)

Thanks so much in advance,
Diane Sophrin

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