Birth Certificate in Lodz/need to register with country if salesman? #poland #lodz

Debby Gincig Painter

I need help to find a birth certificate in Lodz. I was recently given a
url to a site in Holland where I think I have found another child for my
maternal grandparents.

I have been unable to find a record through the database so have
no information except approximate date of birth. Is there someone willing
to help me locate this record? this is what I translated of the Dutch site:

Source: Civil register - Death
Archive Location: Historic Centre Overijssel
General Assess Number:123
Inventory Number: 4229
City: Enschede
Type of record: death
Certificate Record Number: 191
Filing Date: 10-06-1907
Deceased: Jozef Klinger
Gender: M
Death Date: 09-06-1907
Age: 0
Death Place: Enschede
Father: Israel Moseik Klinger (We have name as Mosiek Srul)
Mother: Anna Marie Joskowitch (First time I have seen a middle name for her)
Further information: born in Lodz (Poland Russian) 11 months old (would be
July of 1906

Also, it seems that my Great-Grandfather traveled a lot as many of his
children are born in various places leaving me to believe he was a
merchant of some sort and I guessing he must have done lots of business
in the Netherlands as it is there they go for the duration of WWI from
Alsace and where my Aunt is married. Would he have to register that he
was in the country as a "visitor" if he was a merchant there selling
his wares in those days?

Thanking all in advance
Debby Painter

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