Commemoration of the Liquidation of the Brzeziny Ghetto #poland #lodz

rosette rozenberg

Dear friends,

On the 16 and 17 May there will be a commemoration in Brzeziny of the
70th anniversary of the liquidation of the Brzeziny Ghetto. I have
been in contact with director of the Brzeziny Museum and he has asked
me to pass on the information below. I do hope that some people will
be able to go to the commemoration. It would be wonderful to meet as
many of you as possible there.

With warmest wishes

Rosette Rozenberg
Researching: Rozenberg, Sztajnwasser and variations thereof, Berman,
Amzel, all >from Brzeziny.

from Mr. Paul Zybala, director of the Brzeziny Museum:
Anniversary of Brzeziny Ghetto liquidation will take place 16 and 17
May, 2012.

The Museum will organize a series of events. First day of
commemoration will be devoted to Jewish culture, especially culture
and history Jewry >from the Brzeziny city. Second day among other
things: will be mass in the Ecumenical on the Jewish cemetery, film
about Holocaust in Brzeziny.

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