Deportation date to Chelmno #poland #lodz

Sara Elkas <selkas@...>

I have the original documents (in German) >from the Lodz ghetto showing the
transport date to Chelmno of my grandparents Szmul Ber Lewin and Sara Lewin
nee Wolman and my aunts Chana Laja Lewin and Masza Lewin. The date is down
as 4/4/1942. Yad Vashem and JewishGen show the transport number as TR 13/2.

I have read in Shmuel Krakowski's excellent book "Chelmno - A small village
in Europe" that transports >from Lodz to Chelmno were suspended on the
3/2/1942 as the Germans feared rioting in the ghetto. So how to explain my
family being sent to Chelmno the day after? Or was the wrong date put down
for some reason. Does the transport number (TR 13/2) give an indication of
the actual date of transportation?

I would appreciate answers to the questions above.

Sara Elkas
Melbourne Australia

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