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Fay Bussgang

In Lodz archives (not the main building), there is a book >from the
Jewish community that lists all birth, marriages, and deaths in the
order in which they happened. It is not indexed, so it is only
accessible if you know the date. You would have to hire a researcher to
search through all the marriage records of the 30s.

You can also have someone search the Books of Residents (Ksiegi Ludnosci
& Ksiegi Kontroli Ruchu Ludnosci). If you find the household, the
marriage date of the inhabitants would be noted.

Fay Bussgang
Dedham, MA

On Mar 30, 2013, at 2:18 AM, Ariel Koby wrote:

We are trying to track down our g. grandparents wedding certificate
from Lodz
Rosengarten/Rozengerten with Giller/Gilary (changed his surname in an
unknown date >from Gilary to Giller)
they were married in the 1930's (year unknown)

we already addressed the USC in Lodz and the response we have got was
Is there anything else you can recommend us to do? maybe wedding
announcments were published in the community and there's record of it?

kind regards
Ariel Koby

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