Re: Anyone heard of Zeichnen Street? #poland #lodz

Fritz Neubauer

Am 01.05.2013 16:02, schrieb Miriam Bulwar David-Hay,:

In JewishGen's Lodz Ghetto database, relatives of my grandmother's and one
other unrelated family are listed as having their original address at
Zeichnen 10, Lodz. I cannot find this street, or any name similar to it, in
the Lodz Ghetto Streets database, or in any other source of Lodz street
names, old or new, and I tried plenty. I even tried translating the word
"zeichnen" (German for to "draw" or "sign"), into Polish ("rysowania" or
"podpisania") to see if there was any street with a similar name, but there

Does anyone have any idea what and/or where this street was?
Dear Miriam,

the only street name that comes slightly near the "Zeichnen" street is
the Zietenstrasse in the 1939 version of the Lodz streets (Zawadzka or
Prochnika at other times). Since Zieten is the name of an ancient German
general, the Israeli transcribers of these records may have misread
Zeichnen for Zieten. There is an "i" and the "t" and the "e" could have
been misread as an "h". Just an idea.

Another way of establishing what it really says would be to look at the
original handwriting that was misread. The originals are the house lists
that have been conserved. So the best chance would be to have a look at
the hand-written version in the surviving house list for Muhl Gasse 90,
flat 1 and 2, where the KINAS and LICHTENSZTAJN families should be
listed together with their original address. They were apparently
deported with transport 3 to Chelmno in January 1942. Copies of the
house lists are in the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, the originals
are in the Lodz Museum.

Ancestry is at this point in time working on re-transcribing (= keying)
these house lists and provides a look at the original document within
the World Archives Program, but I have not seen Muhl Gasse there. Both
the Lodz Names List and the Ancestry House Lists seem to use the same
document, judging >from the identical data, identical omissions and

Your data should be on

Reel 236, file 1045: Register book of streets. Muhlgasse, 1940-1944


Reel 237, file 1046: Register book of streets. Muhl. 1940-1944.

You only need house number 90.

I hope that helps,

Fritz Neubauer, North Germany

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