Resource covering Kalisz rabbis? #lodz #poland

David W. Perle

Hi, all--I'm brand-new to the list. (I hope that this list is
appropriate for material about Kalisz. One page says that it is included
in the greater Lodz area covered by this SIG, but another leaves Kalisz
out of a broader list of such towns.)

I'm trying to find information about a great-great-great-grandfather of
mine who--I understand--was rabbi of Kalisz for 52 years. His name was the
same as mine, David Perle. (Probably Dawid Perle in Polish.) I started
looking more into this on Monday. I went to the city library and started
seeking texts about Kalisz in the 1800s. One Jewish encyclopedia gave
reference to a few rabbis during that time period...and did not mention my
ancestor. I tried the Library of Congress and scanned through a book there
called "The Kalish Book," which covers the city >from hundreds of years ago
through the Holocaust, and highlights some rabbis, but...not my ancestor.

I'm feeling a little discouraged about how important my
great-great-great-grandfather really was, if these two particular sources
discuss a few selected rabbis but don't mention Rabbi David Perle, who had
supposedly served as rabbi for 52 years!

Any other reference materials that I might be directed toward? (In
English, please. I figure there are probably sources around in Hebrew or
Yiddish,'d all be 'Greek' to me!)

David Perle
Washington, DC

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