Lodz Census Registration Cards 1916-1921 now linked from JRI-Poland search results #poland #lodz

Roni S. Liebowitz

A few days ago, the Polish State Archives announced that digital images of
about 135,000 Lodz registration cards were added to the the PSA's National
Digital Archives www.szukajwarchiwach.pl website. (Thanks to Logan
Kleinwaks for quickly alerting researchers to this addition).

The cards contain name of head of household and his/her occupation,
religion, birthplace and birth date and where they lived before. They also
include name of the spouse and where born, and names of children and their
birthplace and birth date. There is also an address where they live, and
changes of address are recorded.

As a result of quick action by Jewish Records Indexing - Poland's database
manager, Michael Tobias, the following link to those cards now appears in
the JRI-Poland search results table for any records relating to Lodz:
"Click here for a new source of Lodz records" alerting researchers
to this new source.

The web page describes the source and includes links to the images by
alphabetical grouping of surnames.

The importance of this new source is underlined by the post made yesterday
on the Lodz Area Research Group list by Ron Brandt who wrote:

"I would like to share with this group the emotional connection I felt when
I found the registration cards for both my Father's and Mother's families.
Aside >from seeing the names of Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles I never met, I
also learned for the first time, the name of a great grandfather. This for
me is a real treasure, which I immediately shared with my own children,
niece and nephews."

Good luck with your future Lodz searches.

Roni Seibel Liebowitz
Lodz Archive Coordinator,

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