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Fritz Neubauer

Dear all,

a new book has been published in German about Lodz in the Second
World War:

Boemelburg, Hans-Juergen; Klatt, Marlene (eds.):
Lodz im Zweiten Weltkrieg: Deutsche Selbstzeugnisse ueber Alltag,
Lebenswelten und NS-Germanisierungspolitik in einer multiethnischen Stadt.
(Lodz in the Second World War: German Self-Testimonies about everyday
life, life circumstances and the Nazi policy of Germanization in a
multiethnic town).
Osnabrueck: fibre Verlag, 2015. 320 pages. ISBN 978-3-944870-007.
It appeared as volume 9 in the series Polono-Germanica, Schriften der
Kommission für die Geschichte der Deutschen in Polen (Papers of the
Committee for the History of Germans in Poland). Price Euro 48.

This volume is a collection of reprinted German documents >from various
archives about the life of all the ethnicities in the town in the
period: ethnic Germans, Poles, ethnic Baltic-German settlers and Jews,
who all were trying to survive or gain an advantage in one way or
another. In many cases the various groups fought against each other
about apartments, money and/or the inclusion or non-inclusion in the
official list of Germans. And surprisingly, there were even Germans who
refused to officially become Germans and preferred to stay Polish, even
under the threat of possible repercussions.

Jews only become objects in this German context when after the formation
of the ghetto, some Germans discovered that they need not repay the
debts to the Jews in the ghetto, since they claimed to have been
unfairly treated anyway, which, naturally, was easy to claim to the
German police with the money lender or former employer in the ghetto. In
some cases the Jewish names are not traceable, since no first names etc.
is provided in the testimony. So there are only the following names who
can clearly be identified:

(1) document 33, page 126. FISZAUF, Mojszesz, birth date 10-Oct-1908,
previous residence Suedstrasse 26.
FISZAW, Abram Ber, birth date 16-Jun-1907.
Waldemar CZARNIK does not want to repay a loan of 500 Reichsmark to the

(2) document 44, page 137. KSIAZER, Moses, birth date 21-Aug-1902
Kurt ROSNER does not want to pay wages for the time >from December 1940
to August 1941, especially since he delivered his employee to the Ghetto
on 20-Jul-1940 according the the announced rules against Jews.

(3) document 69, page 179: WIENER, Mojsze, birth date 19-May-1907, died
in the ghetto on 10-Jun-1943
Wiener complained on 03-Nov-1939 to the local Radogoszcz secretary of
the municipality that he and other Jews were pushed out of the queue,
when they tried to buy bread. The secretary ARNDT wants his superior to
make a ruling.

(4) document 77, page 188: PIEKARCZYK, Szmul, birth day 07-Mar-1901,
deported to Chelmno with transport 1 in 1942,
GERTLER, Dawid, 15-Feb-1911, became head of a special division of the
Ordnungsdienst, left the ghetto, survivor, died 1977.

Since I have this book on Inter-Library-Loan, it has to be returned in
the next days. People interested in a scan of the reprinted document can
be served.

With kind regards

Fritz Neubauer, North Germany

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