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I am not an expert, but I can tell you about my recent experience using the
Lodz registration cards 1916-1921.

Yesterday morning I had some time to finally examine the records. I knew I
wanted to search on ancestral names, but I wasn't sure how they might be
spelled in the records. So I tried a number of different spellings for
each. Since my ancestors were >from Brzeziny, 16 miles >from Lodz, I didn't
really expect to find anything. But I did!

It turns out that my KALISH family had two registration cards. One (KALISZ)
was for my grandfather's parents and siblings in 1916 (in German, due to
WW I), and the other was for one of his sisters in 1920 (in Polish). I was
surprised, because I had thought that they always lived in Brzeziny until
1920 at least. Since the Lodz registration cards include residents who
were not >from Lodz, I can only guess that my ancestors were there for a
short time. My grandfather married in 1920 in Brzeziny.

It is interesting to note that for my grandfather and his parents, their
ages were listed as a few years younger than they were. I suppose there
are many reasons for this, just as there are for U.S. Census records.
I'm sure it was them, though, because my great-grandmother's maiden name
is also shown, as well as my grandfather's given name before he changed
it in America. The 1920 record for his sister gives the full first and
middle names of her parents, and that confirms it too.

There is also an address on the 1916 registration card. I looked it up on
Google (28 Wolborska, Lodz, Poland), and while I see a large park across
the street, and a couple of apartment or condo buildings where the address
would have been, I suspect that those buildings are newer than 1916.
Nevertheless, it's great to know where they lived in 1916. Even more,
I did not know the names of my grandfather's siblings or their ages. Now
I do. It was also easy to translate the German using Google or Bing, so
I confirmed that at age 21 my grandfather was already listed as a Tailor.

The other 1920 registration card had information about my grandfather's
sister Ruchel. I assume she came back to Lodz during that time. Note
that it has both parent's names, not just the father's name. Also,
I see the words 'passport view' in one box ("Na podstawie..."). It might
have information about her being married in 1918, but I'm not sure.
I will post it for translation, because I don't quite know what that
box means. Also, for marital status ("Stan rodzinny") it has handwriting
"pauna". I could not find out what that means. Another line, "do domu
przy...", has the word Tayfra or something like that written on the line.
I don't yet know what that means either. There are some other words
written, possibly a name, above the lines where it has her surname and
given name. Is there a sample translation of at least one of these types
of records anywhere that I can see, so that I can get an idea of what
these entries might mean?

I will see if I can learn more about my grandfather's siblings. I have
learned that one of my grandfather's family (perhaps a sibling or cousin)
made it safely to Israel, but I don't know who they were. I am also still
hopeful to find something of my grandmother's family or my grandparent's
cousins in these records, though I realize that they might not have left

All the best,
Richard Levine


Subject: new Lodz records
From: Ariel K <>
Date: Sat, 1 Oct 2016 05:15:11 +0200
X-Message-Number: 1

The new Lodz papers that went online do not only contain 1916-1920 but
there are whole sets which cover residency even until 1939 (simply scroll
down the inventory)

if someone who is an expert in regards of the Lodz archive can perhaps
upload an explanation about the many records which are now online and
even more importantly how to search them properly I believe it can benefit
many people

best regards
Ariel Kubii

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