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Diane Jacobs

Having trouble as some of the links on the Lodz New Cemetery page do not
work or cannot be displayed. Please advise correct links.

Would like to learn more about the New Lodz Cemetery as I am researching
Poznansky (became Posner in NY) and Braun >from Lodz
And I see an Israel Poznanaski founded the cemetery.

Diane Jacobs
Somerset, NJ

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A relative of mine, Nuchem Juda Granat, is buried in Section GV of the Lodz
New Cemetery. He died on 19th July 1941, nearly 77 years ago. Is this
section part of the "Ghetto Field" mentioned in Roni Liebowitz's description
of the cemetery at ?

Jennifer Broughton

Researching: ROSENBERG: Sadowa/Kiev, Russia, JOSEPH/S: Zgierz/Notting Hill,
GRANAT/GRANARD: Tomaszow/Portsmouth, ROSENBLUM: Plock

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