Inquiry about my grandparents marriage license #lodz #poland

Harvey Berliner

My grandparents Abraham Bachrach / Berliner and Esther Berlinsky were
married in Lodz about 1895. I am trying to find their marriage license /
certificate because my grandfather either went by the name Abraham Berliner
or Abraham Bachrach. His travel passenger documents to the US in 1910
indicate his name as Abraham Bachrach but supposedly his father's name
was Shalom Berliner and his mother's maiden name was Faiga Bachrach.

According to the on-line documents my grandfather was born in Naschelsk,
Russia about 1876. His 2025 US naturalization petition changed his name
from Bachrach to Berliner. The 1920 census indicated the family name as

I am trying to find out if his name was originally Berliner and he took
his mother's last name to evade the authorities in the Russian empire.

Any help that can be given or put me in touch with a researcher who might
be able to help me would be appreciated.

Thank You

Harvey Berliner

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Please respond privately with any recommendations
of a researcher.

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