JewishGen Mourns with the Community #lodz #poland

Avraham Groll

More light. More life.

These are the words borne on the emblem of the Tree of Life * Or
L'Simcha Congregation in Pittsburgh, PA. They stand for that Jewish
community's daily mission and work, mode of worship, hope for the
world, and rallying cry.

This Shabbat morning, the Tree of Life * Or L'Simcha Congregation
suffered an anti-Semitic act of terror in which eleven people were
murdered, and many more people were hurt in ways apparent and deep.

The community of JewishGen and the Museum of Jewish Heritage -- A
Living Memorial to the Holocaust mourn those who were lost. We offer
support to those hurt and grieving and wish a full recovery for those
congregants and police officers injured.

We stand by a Jewish community whose sense of security was shattered
in a sacred space. In doing this, we take up the words of the Tree of
Life * Or L'Simcha Congregation itself. May these words guide all of
us in our responsibility to repair our world. More light. More life.

Bruce C. Ratner, Chairman
Michael S. Glickman, President & CEO
Avraham Groll, Director

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