KORNFELD, Samuel 1810-1875 #rabbinic

Pat Powers Schlesinger <ppsprc@...>

Looking for info on Rabbi KORNFELD's parents; his father's
name is unknown, his mother was Eva LNU. Wonder if anyone
knows anything of the Generation 2 Children9 that I've not
been able to identify. Also looking for LISSNER info and
links to any of the Generation 3 KORNFELD children. Pat

1 Samuel (Shmuel) KORNFELD, Rabbi b: 1810 BrodyUK (then
Galicia) d: 1875 BreslauPL
. +Henrietta Gitel Akiva EGER b: 1808 MaerkischFriedlandDE
d: 5 May 1891 BreslauPL m: 1826
..2 Children9 KORNFELD
..2 Wilhelm KORNFELD b: c1827
..2 Thomas KORNFELD b: c1828
..2 Martin Mandel KORNFELD b: 17 Apr 1829 Posen/PezlarPL
d: 23 Aug 1896 BerlinDE
.. +Jenny LISSNER b: c1833 m: 5 May 1856
...3 Eugen Max Akiva KORNFELD b: 29 Jan 1857 PosenPL d: 22
Apr 1902 BerlinDE
... +Elise AVELLIS b: 26 Jun 1867 BerlinDE d: 7 Mar 1921
BerlinDE m: c1890
...3 Fanny KORNFELD b: c1858
...3 Wilhelm KORNFELD b: c1859
...3 Emanuel KORNFELD b: c1860
...3 Sally(Betty) KORNFELD m +FNU GESSLER
..2 Rosalie KORNFELD b: c1830
..2 Jakob KORNFELD b: c1832

Patricia P Schlesinger
New Hampton NH 03256 USA

[Moderator Note: Clarification of place names: Brody, Ukraine; Wroclaw
(Breslau), Poland; Miroslawiec (Markisch Friedland), Poland; Poznan
(Posen), Poland.]

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