BASAN rabbi of Budapest (Hungary) XVII Th #rabbinic


I am searching information on the Rabbi family he is one of my ancestors.

1 Rabbi Abraham BASAN (B ca 1650) Rabbi of Budapest
2 Rabbi Samuel BASAN then BASAN Van OFEN (B ca 1680 )he left Budapest for
Hamburg (Germany)
3 Joshua BASAN VON Oven (B ca 1705)" Verger" at the Saphardic communauty
of Den Haag (Netherland)
4 Abraham Von OVEN (B ca 1735 ) Dr Physician
5 Joshua VON OVEN (B ca 1766 ) Dr Physician London (England)

Does anyone have informations, bibliography if any, or exact date & place
of birth , mariage, death etc.
I would appreciate any advice or recommendations anyone could offer.
Thanks you

Sincerely yours

John Patrick FANO
Aix en Provence

John patrick

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