Council of the Four Lands #rabbinic

Hendlisz Gilbert <gilbert.hendlisz@...>

First of all congratulations for this new SIG and those who made it.
I have a question. Does someone have information concerning books or other
sources about the members (Rabbis) of the Council of the Four Lands, which,
practically, ruled the jewish communities of Poland and Lithuania until the
18th century ?
I am researching in particular about an ancestor (not yet confirmed): R'
Avraham Israel HENDELS who was the leader of the Krakow Kehilla, for 50
years and died around 1660. According to a reference found in Beider's book
about the jewish surnames in Poland, he was also a member of the Vaad Arba
Any information would be welcome. Thanks for your reply.
Gilbert Hendlisz (Brussels)

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