R.Yehoshua WIEDERKEHR - Przemysl #rabbinic


Dear All!

First let me say that I extremely excited by this new discussion group.
"Yasher Koiach" (a big thank you!) to those behind it! I hope it really takes

Rav Yehoshua WIEDERKEHR was a very close disciple of the MAHARSHAM >from
Brezhan. He was later Rav in Neustadt & later Rosh Beth Din in Przemysl for
about 20 years till the war when he was murdered by the Nazis Y.M.Sh. The
details in another mail if anyone asks.

He had 5/6 children. Only one - Yisroel - survived having moved to Antwerp in

He wrote the Sefer Chidushei Mahariv on Orach Chaim a copy of which I have.
However, he also wrote a Sefer called Chelkas Yehoshua on Zevachim - no trace
of; &, possibly, a Sefer on Bava Metzia - no trace of. Any leads?

Can anyone help with family of his? Parents, siblings & his other children,
apart >from Yisroel.

There may still be people who actually remember him >from Pshemish. He only
died in 1940 approx.
I know that Rav HIRSCHPRUNG Z"L >from Canada had semicha >from him.

I forgot to say that he was my father-in-law's grandfather.

Many thanks,

David Calek

[Moderator Note: Thank you for your message, David. This is a reminder to
write place names (with countries) as they are currently known, with
alternatives in parentheses, such as "Przemysl (Pshemish),
Poland." "Neustadt" could be located in either Austria, Germany, or the
Czech Republic; "Brezhan" could be Berezhany, Ukraine.]

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