Yechezkiel LANDAU #rabbinic

Mimi Katz <geveretk@...>

I have been unable to find the birthplace of my great grandfather, Morris P.
LANDO, who emigrated >from London to NY, with his family, in 1886. His
naturalization papers say that he severed ties with the czar of Russia.

My great great grandfather (Morris' father) was named Yechezkiel (halevi)
LANDO. I know very little about him. I presume that he lived in today's
Poland and I know that he died before 1877, when his son was married in
Birmingham, England. I have looked at the descendant tree of the famous
rabbi, Yechezkiel LANDAU, of Opatow, Poland and Prague, but I can't find a

Would any of you happen to know where or if my LANDO family fits on that
descendant tree?

Mimi Katz, Chicago

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