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On 17 May 2001, at 17:40, Mimi Katz wrote:

I have looked at the descendant tree of the famous
rabbi, Yechezkiel LANDAU, of Opatow, Poland and Prague, but I can't find a
You seem to be confusing an uncle and a nephew. Rabbi
Yechezkel LANDAU of Prague, author of "Noda Biyehuda" was the
son of Rabbi Yehuda LANDAU (whence the name of his book). Rabbi
Yehuda had a brother Rabbi Yechezkel LANDAU of Opatow. Both
were sons of Rabbi Hirsh 'Vitshes' LANDAU of Opatow whose father
was also named Rabbi Yechezkel LANDAU. (source: appendix to
Ma'alos Hayuchsin by Rabbi Efraim Zalman Margolios). There were
other brothers in all these generations as well, and the name
Yechezkel seems to have been common in that family, so if you
did not find the connection among the descendants of the Noda
Biyehuda, then you should consider the possibility that the
connection is to one of the other branches of the family.

David Shapiro

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