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We have an oral tradition in our family of descent >from Rabbi Pinhas of
Korets and Refael BARSHAD. We also know that we are somehow related to all
KITAIGORODSKY families that claim such descent. There are other families
with the same name who do not claim such yikhus.
I have put this problem on JewishGen and received various family trees, but
none mention the name KITAIGORODSKY. However, various biographies of Moshe
DAYAN do mention that his grandmother, Haya KITAIGORODSKY was an eighth
generation descendant of Rabbi Pinhas of Korets. She was married to Avraham
DAYAN whose grandfather, Rabbi Eliyahu DAYAN, was the brother of my
great-grandmother Leah DAYAN KITAIGORODSKY.
Any insight into the chain of descendants would be appreciated. Obviously,
some of the links are women, who are rarely mentioned by name in rabbinic
genealogy, or even in wedding invitations >from Bene Beraq, where the parents
of the young couple are Rabbi [male name] and wife. Occasionally where
there is a widowed grandmother, she is mentioned by name.

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