LANDA-SEGAL from Turobin #rabbinic

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My Grandfather's father was Rabbi Yosef Zvi Halevi ROZANI, who served as
Admor in Grochow (south of Warsaw).

His father was Rabbi Eliyahoo Halevi LANDA, who was an Admor in Turobin
(Turbin). In the preface to a book by Yosef Tzvi of Grochow, there is a
claim that he is a descendent ("Nin vaneched") of Rabbi Yehezkel
SEGAL-LANDA, AKA "Hanoda' Beyehuda", who was the Chief Rabbi of Prague (and
of that part of Europe as well).

I searched the LANDA family trees, including Dov Friedbergs' "Bnei Landa
Ledorotam", and found no direct connection >from the LANDA family to
Eliyahoo LANDA.

Can anybody help me?

Efi Paz

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