From the Moderator: Searching past messages & Welcome #rabbinic


Dear Rav-SIG Members,

There has been a swift and huge positive response to the creation of Rav-SIG.
As one member of our Steering Committee put it, it reflects the need for the
existence of this type of SIG. We would like to express our deep appreciation
for the words of praise and thank all new Rav-SIG members for joining our SIG.

If you joined our group after May 20, 2001, you may have missed important
messages posted to this forum. Not to worry...there is a means to retrieve
all past messages, either by date or search term. Here's how:

1) Just access the SIGs archives page:

2) In the "Select SIG" drop-down menu, click on "Rabbinic Genealogy SIG"

3) In the search box entitled "Enter a word or words," type a date in this
format: "16 May 2001" to retrieve for all messages posted to Rav-SIG on
that date (this is the earliest date of Rav-SIG archived messages). As of
today, all messages posted on 16 May 2001 through 20 May 2001 have been

4) In the search box entitled "Enter a word or words," you may also search by
any term or combination of terms. Refer to the text for further instructions
on searching the SIGs archive.

Since so many of you subscribed to this list on or after May 20, below is a
reprint of the welcome message >from the moderator.
Welcome to Rav-SIG, the Rabbinic Genealogy Special Interest Group (SIG)

Dear New Subscribers,

Welcome to Rav-SIG. JewishGen has approved this new SIG in record time
in order to make this mailing list available to you as quickly as
possible. We would like to express our gratitude to Susan King, Carol
Skydell, Joyce Field, Warren Blatt, and the entire board of JewishGen for
their vision and support of this new endeavor.

JewishGen provides the home for the Rabbinic Genealogy SIG listserver
(mailing list), our web site, and future searchable databases. We
encourage you to help offset JewishGen's expenses by donating generously
through JewishGen-erosity, <>.
JewishGen is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions to
JewishGen are tax-deductible in the U.S. according to law.

The goal of Rav-SIG is to become *the* primary Internet site for researching
rabbinic ancestry and lineages. Our dreams are big and our subject is broad,
encompassing rabbinic genealogy in any time period or place. Therefore, we
ask your indulgence while we build Rav-SIG one step at a time. As new
projects are developed and volunteer positions are created,
announcements will be posted on the home page, as well as in this forum.
Each of you will have an opportunity to contribute your talents and
efforts to a project of your choice. With the help of dedicated
volunteers, we will achieve our goal.

Please review the Welcome Document you received upon subscribing to this
mailing list. This document will explain the operation of this mailing list.
Here are some pointers to make this list work as smoothly as possible:

1) Modifying your Subscription: Go to
<> to modify your subscription to
this mailing list. If you do not wish to receive messages as they are posted,
but would rather receive one daily digest of all messages posted for the day,
you may modify your subscription to *Digest Mode* by following the
instructions on the above page.

2) Varying Expertise of Members: Remember that the expertise of our
members will vary >from the novice to the expert in researching rabbinic
ancestry. If possible, please post your message in such a way that it may be
understood by everyone. If you are a novice, feel free to ask for
clarifications of posted messages.

3) Identifying Geographic Locations: Place names (with countries) should
be written as they are currently known, with alternative names in
parentheses. Because our focus will include many countries, this is
especially important in helping members properly understand and respond to
your message. The JewishGen ShtetlSeeker will be of use in identifying
places in Central and Eastern Europe:

4) Capitalization: Surnames should be written in all capital letters.
Acronyms or abbreviations that are normally written in capitals will also
be allowed. All other text should be written as in normal usage.

5) Signature: Please sign all posts with your full name and location.
This is required and will aid others in passing along information about
rabbinic resources that may be located in your area.

6) Searching the SIG Archives: All messages posted to this mailing list
will be archived in the searchable SIG Archives Database,
<>. It is
imperative to write key search terms (correctly spelled, plus any
alternative spellings) into the text of your message if you wish other
researchers to find your archived message. For example, if a researcher
searches the term "Germany" in the SIG Archives, messages with
abbreviations such as "Ger." or "DE" will not show up in the search
results. Likewise, if a rabbi is known by more than one name, it is better
to write all known names, such as "the Maharashal (Shlomo LURIA)," to make
certain your message shows up in a search for any of these terms.

These pointers are meant to help you make the most out of your
membership to this mailing list.

I would like to personally thank the Steering Committee members for their
dedication and efforts in making Rav-SIG possible: Neil Rosenstein, Philip
Heilbrunn, Robert Heyman, Ron Landau, Perets Mett, Leslie Reich, and Tom
Venetianer, who created the beautiful web site design and serves as
webmaster. On behalf of the entire Steering Committee, welcome to Rav-SIG.

Shirley Rotbein Flaum
Rav-SIG Moderator

Shirley Flaum

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