The Rabbi's House - families WASSERZUG, NATELSON, KONHEIM, ROKEACH, WOLPERT #rabbinic


Dear RavSig ers,
There is a book "The Rabbi's House" (Story of a Family) by Mary
WASSERZUG NATELSON which was written in Yiddish and published on March
22, 1928. The original Yiddish manuscript is in the archives of YIVO.
It was translated into English by Agnes NATELSON in 1950. A copy was
said to be in the Zionist archives in the Jewish Agency Building,
Jerusalem. It is possible that a copy is in YIVO as well. Within the
past two years a family member had it retranslated in a 'better' form
and brought this translation to Israel. While I have not seen the new
translation, I do have a copy of the original in typewritten form with
all of the typos.
This is the story of the WASSERZUG family. Rabbi Moses Selig
WASSERZUG married my great grandfather Jacob Noah BLOCH (ROKEACH's) half
sister Rachel ROKEACH as his second wife. While my ROKEACH family is in
"The Unbroken Chain" the book "The Rabbi's House" changes the
information given therein. The Rabbi's House says that Rabbi David
ROKEACH had two wives. The first was Shprinze WOLPERT, who died in
childbirth when she had Rachel. David then married Shprinze's sister
Tseril WOLPERT who was my great great grandmother, and who also had the
rest of the children. Rachel's daughter Mary married Samson NATELSON in
New York. The family was in New York in the 1870's. The family also
includes a KONHEIM family. Rachel ROKEACH WASSERZUG died in New York
City in 1878 and Rabbi Moses Selig WASSERZUG died Sep. 6, 1881 in NYC.
The WASSERZUG family came >from Verbalis, Lithuania. Moses Selig was the
son of Rabbi Gushe (Gershon) WASSERZUG and Ittke, both died in
Walkawisk. Gushe was the son of Moshe Selig WASSERZUG and Chaie Sarah,
brother of Jospe, Shakna who married Wiszki bat Leib. Shakna had Leib,
Zelda married Wolf RAYGRODZLO. and Abraham Yonkel. If this is your
family you may call me, , reply by e-mail, and also view the document
in YIVO.
The WOLPERT's had other children not mentioned in my copy of the
book. Shprinze and Tseril's brothers (plural) took over Rabbi David's
private banking concern after he died and ran it as
a regular banking practice. His widow Tseril married her uncle Beryl
who had five children, also whose names not included, so there are many
WOLPERT's out there who are connected if anyone can see the connection.

Vivian E. Shore Zelvin, 3 Douglas Place, Eastchester, New York 10709


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