T_A_R_Ts_U_K_O_V (~ TERSUHOW ??) #rabbinic

Ernest G Holzmann <eholzman@...>

Dear Friends,

The 1999 official phone directory for Odessa/Ukraine has two listings for
the above referenced, spelled-out name (in the usual transliteration). It
approximates the sound of Turey Zahav that you cite.

Another listing (in CYRILLIC characters) looks as follows: TAPXAHOB. As
you know, the "X" sounds like a hard K, the P like an R, the H like an N,
and the B like a W. It does not sound like the Hebrew "Turei Zahav" that
Stephen Pickholtz cites!

I will be glad to provide you (or anyone else) official, public
information available in the Odessa White Pages. Private information is
not revealed there! (For example, the personal listing of our helper in
Odessa is unpublished, private, and not found in that book!)

For further discussion, please e-mail me privately. (My name, address,
and phone number are readily accessible over public channels. So, to the
best of my knowledge and belief, is any information printed in the Odessa
phone book.)

Ernest Holzmann
2333 Barbour Road
Falls Church, VA 22043-3027
1 (703) 698-9004

On Tue, 22 May 2001 Stephen Pickholtz <Njturtle55@...> wrote:

On the tombstone of my distant cousins the TERSUHOWs, it says "Turei
Zahav." ... Turei Zahav means golden columns. TERSUHOW is in fact
Turei Zahav.
... any more information on the TERSUHOWs?
Falls Church, VA

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