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I am researching the family of Isaiah BERLIN-PICK, and >from >Encyclopedias
and other informants I am told that he is a descendant of Yom-Tow
Does any body know the connection.
I don't know on any connection. The best book on Rabbi Yom-Tov HELLER
descendants is "The feast and the fast" By Dr. Neil Rosenstein, who is in
the steering commitee of this group. There are more than 1000 names, in the
book, but no BERLIN-PICK.
There is another BERLIN - the NETZIV, Rabbi Naftaly Tzvi Yehudah BERLIN >from
Volozin, who is related to the HELLER's, through his wife.

Anyone who is interested in the descendants of Rabbi Yom Tov HELLER, please
contact me.

To check the ancestors of Rabbi Yeshaiah PICK, check in Otzar Harabanim.
This is the best reference book, althogh it has short details for each Rabbi
(a line or 2), there is always, the Rabbi name, and his sons, sons-in-law,
father, father-in-law, in case, that those relatives were Rabbis too. It was
published in c. 1974 in Bney Brak, and there are more than 20,000 (!)
Rabbis. The Rabbis in the book are since the post Talmud era, until the
publishing date (for non living Rabbis).

Shalom Fuchs
Jerusalem Israel

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