Rabbi Alexander Sender FRUMKIN of Shklov #rabbinic

Jacqueline <laznow@...>


I am looking for information on the FRUMKIN family originated in Belarus
who had a long line of Rabbies and are descendents of the Maharal from
Rabbi Alexander Sender is the son Rabbi Menachem Nahum >from Shklov and
he married the daughter of Rabbi Aaron Halevy HOROWITZ, his second wife
was Mariasha Rebbeca the daughter of Rabbi Moshe KISHIN >from Shklov.
Among Rabbi Alexander Sender's son there were Israel Dov FRUMKIN, Rabbi
Arieh Tzvi Hirsch FRUMKIN and Rabbi Michael Levy RODKINSON.
Rabbi Arie Tzvi Hirsch had many sons and I am looking for information on
Rabbi Mendel FRUMKIN who was the brother of Aaron FRUMKIN and Nahum
If you know any information on this Rabbies and specialy on Mendel
FRUMKIN I will greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,

Jacky Laznow

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