MASCHOIEFF #rabbinic

Aviva M Neeman

Viviane Pescov posted her nessage below without her e-mail address.

Please Viviane, get in touch with me.

Aviva Neeman
PO Box 48010
Tel Aviv 61480
e-mail address: aneeman@...

My maiden name is Viviane MASCHOIEFF. My Father Dr. Joseph MASCHOIEFF and
his Family are, as per some relatives ,descendants of the late Rav Zalman
of Laydie, Russia. We are maybe descendants >from the Rav's Daughter who
immigrated to Israel( then Palestine). The Family originally settled in
Safed and then Haifa and some Family Members settled in Jerusalem. Other
Family names associated with the MASCHOIEFFs of Safed, Haifa and Jerusalem

I don't read Hebrew unfortunately otherwise I would have had this research
done. What we need to do is decipher who's who on the Rav's Tree?
Any info. would be very welcomed.
Viviane Pescov

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