Verifying rumors #rabbinic

M. Faber <mfaber@...>

I have received information, mostly family stories, that a GGGrandfather of my
husbands, Benjamin SIEGEL (1845-1927) left his wife Sarah Rebecca SALZBURG for a
red-headed lady, moved to St. Louis and was a Rabbi there. Is there anyway I can
verify this? Benjamin is the son of Jehudah and I know that according to
Norfolk, VA Census of 1900, Sarah was living with one of her children and
Benjamin was not listed. They were married about 1870 and it's possible they
came >from Kadan, Lithuania - listed on the census though was Russia.

Thanks for any help you can give,

Searching: MICHARSKI - Korostyshev Ukraine
ROSKAM-Bavaria > NJ> NY>VA
KALVRISKY-Poland, Russia, Texas; KANOVITZ-Poland, Germany, Texas
ROTHSCHILD - Poland, Russia & Texas
WEINSTEIN - Pukhovichi, Ukraine

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