Rabbi's from Lithuania and Latvia #rabbinic

Annette Young

Have been told there were seven generations of Rabbis on Maternal side of
family. My gg grandfather Moshe LERINBLATT was Rabbi of [Sassmacken,
Courland] now Valdearpil, Latvia in 1843. Have found him and three brothers
listed in 1858 Raseinai, Kovno, Lithuania revision list. Rabbi Moshe's
wife, Drana was daughter of Meschulem Zalman ben Ayreh. All their daughters
married Rabbis. My Grandmother Tema wed Rabbi Josel [Joseph] MARGOLIASH,
MARGOLIUS in Glascow, Scotland and MARGOLESE in Montreal, Canada. Her
sister Pessa wed Rabbi Abraham DUBITSKY ben Naftoli. Rabbi Abraham followed
Rabbi Moshe as Rabbi of Sassmacken, then Friedburg and [Goldigen] Kuldiga,
Chaya wed Rabbi Yekutiel [Kusiel] Halevi of Rujan, Livland {Latvia] and
Unknown daughter wed Rabbi Gabriel Illian [Yekutiel Leib Elian] of Roen,
Lipland ?
Family had previously split into five surnames being MARGOLIASH, HIMMELSHEIM
MARGOLIASH, David MARGOLIASH, and Moshe LERINBLATT show there father as
Rafal [Raphael] We were told Rabbi Isaac Zev OLSHWANG ben Shmuel of
Petersburg was related. Have not been able to link him at this time. Other
Rabbis in family are listed as Feivel HIMMELSON of [ Memel] Klaipeda
Lithuania. Ozer [Oscar] LERINBLATT of Dayan and Tukkem Latvia.
Have traced Moshe LERINBLATT family and DUBITSKY family but would like any
information on all others.
Annette Young, California

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