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Bernard Kouchel <koosh@...>

Ray Stone wrote:
About a year ago research into the 1816 revision lists in the
Vilnius archives identified my gggfather as Itzko Girshov
EISENSTADT, aged 47 as having recently
arrived >from Lyubcha, and a Leibe Girshov EISENSTADT, aged 50
probably his brother.
Itzko Girshov might be knoiwn as Isaac ben Zvi Hirsch
and Leib Gershov might be known asYehudah ben Zvi Hirsch

However, Abraham, Elimelech and Mordechai Hen Tov are the
three known sons of Zvi Hirsch ben Michael Eisenstadt. [TUC, Chapt. 5]
Further documentation would be required to detemine if Itzko and Leibe
are also his sons.
Bernard Kouchel

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Subject: Re: Rav Zvi Hirsch EISENSTADT of Lyubcha
"Jim Bennett" <> wrote:
So the odds are about 95% that Leib and Yitzhak are two sons
of the Rabbi Zvi Hirsch, unknown to Rosenstein--perhaps
because they migrated away to Vilna. Rosenstein did cite two
other children of the Rabbi, not Itzko nor Leibe, says Ray Stone.
Could one of them have been named Judah/Yehuda, thus being
identical to "Leibe"?

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