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Subject: Yosef David EISENSDADT ABD Mir
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Since Philip Rosinsky has not been clear as to what is in my book, The
Unbroken Chain, nor which edition he refers I have to comment.

<<Hi I have some information about Y.D that is pretty unknown (doesn't
appear in Daat Kedoshim, Unbroken Chain nor in any other rabbinical
genealogy material). Y.D had a son Michael RABINOWITZ of Shereshew.>>

This is what is >from my book, except to note that the Gaon of Vilna link
is apparently in error.

G12.4. R. Michael (the oldest son), surnamed RABINOWICZ of Shereshovo, near
Pruzhany, died in 1846, owner of a tea business, in partnership with his
son-in-law WEISSBREM. He married 1) daughter of Israel ORNSTEIN and had
issue, one son, Moses RABINOWITZ, and 2) Liebe, daughter of Elchanan LEVIN
having further issue.

G13.1. Moses RABINOWICZ, married the daughter of Meir KALISYNER and his
wife, daughter of Moses, son of Elijah, the Gaon of Vilna.

If Philip implies that what he has about Chaim Zalman is new then I agree.
However he does not give us any source for the information, unless it is
recorded in the books written by Zeev Wolf. This remains to be seen.

<<This Michael had a few children in Brest-Litovsk one of them Chaim Zalman
RABINOWITZ. Chaim Zalman had a son Zeev Wolf RABINOWITZ who wrote two
books Shaarei Torat Eretz Yisrael on the Jerusalem Talmud and Shaarei
Torat Bavel on the Babylonian Talmud.>>

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